TRIDENT: 3 in 1 Aquarium Meter

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– Aquarium Meter Gives Real-time data on temperature, pH, and TDS

– Vastly more accurate than test strips

– Logo on device may come different than pictured. Device will function the same either way –

– Clamps to tanks with less than 1″ wall thickness

– Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius with the press of a button

– Calibrate pH for precision accuracy

– 1-Year Warranty covers any manufacturing defects

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Why measure TDS?

TDS (total dissolved solids) is a composite score of all the free-floating ions in your tank. If TDS is higher than your tank's desired TDS, it means there is too much of something in your tank.

Find your Tank's Desired TDS:
1) Use an aquarium test strip to see if your levels are where they should be
2) IF NOT: adjust your water levels
3) IF SO: use the meter to read the TDS, this is your base desired TDS.

When TDS is over our desired base level, it's typically because our nitrates, nitrites, GH, KH, or chlorine is too high. With any of these levels being high, your fish are at much more risk for disease and not being comfortable in their environment. Plants will not properly grow or will slowly die as they can be even more sensitive to these levels being off. It's important to consistently maintain these levels which is why the ongoing readings from this aquarium meter can be very beneficial.

Calibrating pH

You can calibrate the pH meter using the included calibration powder sets for increased accuracy. It's recommended to calibrate the meter every 6 months and to test its readings against a test strip's monthly. Calibration and setup video below.

If you need more calibration powder, you can purchase it here.

Aquarium Meter Accuracy:

ph meter | TDS meter | aquarium meter

Click these links to learn more on why TDS, pH, or temperature are important to keep track of with your tank.

Package Includes:

1- Trident: 3 in 1 Aquarium Meter

1 - Micro USB Charger and United States (120VA Wall Plug Converter)

2- pH Calibration Powder Sets

1 - Instruction Manual

1 - Warranty Information Card

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 3.8 × 2.25 in

6 reviews for TRIDENT: 3 in 1 Aquarium Meter

  1. Cassie

    I’ve had my meter for a couple of months and am finally getting around to leaving a review – and for what it’s worth, it definitely deserves one. When I ordered it, it arrived quickly, well packaged and with very clear instructions. Calibrations are accurate, as I’ve tested with other products. The 3 in 1 concept on this product is absolutely invaluable for anyone who has an aquarium, or anyone who just wants to test the quality of their water. It’s nice to work with such a functional system. Thank you!!

  2. Elizabeth

    This is very helpful for keeping track of the quality of my water for my freshwater tank! I found out that the pH of my tap water is actually pretty high through this, which helped me figure out why my plants were doing so poorly. It definitely works well, and helps give peace of mind for me.

  3. @newengland.aquarist

    This product works perfectly! So precise and reliable. I have had aquariums for over ten years and recommend this to everyone!

  4. Ricky Edwards

    beautiful piece of equipment/quality ,accuracy perfect for my waterbox

  5. Xaiver

    Was a very helpful tool! 10/10 would recommend!

  6. Kevork

    Having been in the reef hobby off and on for over 15 years I look back and think of how nice it would have been to have this meter! I have had the trident in my tank for just over a year and it is so consistent and accurate. It really is a great product the ability to at a quick glance see the temp PH and TDS save so much time and also seems to give a real comforting piece of mind. I have actually met the owner of this company and he has proven to be such a great guy I stand behind him and his products as he has offered the reef community such a great little company !!

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