Space Goby

The First Ever Mandarin Goby in Space…

Now on your wall!

The mandarin goby is one of the most incredible saltwater creatures so we wanted to bring it to life in this print we like to call Space Goby. Zoom in on the details to see the electric effects throughout the body and the beauty of the colorful cloud background.

All of our artwork is offered for a VERY LIMITED time before new designs are brought in.



This mandarin goby art is one of the most unique in the entire collection. An electric mandarin goby over a spread of teal and red clouds supports a colorful or neon theme in any room of the house.
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• Top Quality Image and Detail
• Pre-Installed Sawtooth Hanger for Fast and Easy Hanging
• Strong, Eco-Friendly Wooden Frame
• Made in the United States
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recommended Spots to Hang

  • Next to your fish tank
  • Restroom/Vanity
  • Bedroom
  • Positioned under a light so the beauty and detail of the artwork truly shows
  • Game room


  • US 6 - 8 Business Days
  • Canada 10 - 15 Business Days
  • EU 8 - 15 Business Days
  • Rest of the World 12 - 18 Business Days
Mandarin Goby Artwork By: Hesham Moawd

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