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A continuous read on the 3 most relevant levels to monitor

  • Works with fresh and salt water tanks

  • Instantly know if any water level is off and needs to be diagnosed

Why is TDS Crucial to Monitor?

Atlantis Aquatics Meter

TDS Basics: TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is the measure of all organic and inorganic material in molecular form in your water including GH, KH, nitrate, nitrite, etc. Since they are in molecular form, TDS can more simply be seen as the substances that can not be picked up by aquarium filters. TSS (total suspended solids) can be captured by aquarium filters… Written and Illustrated by our team at Atlantis Aquatics.

How to Create a Pond Scape

setting up a nano tank betta pond aquarium aquascape aquascaping tips

Deciding on a Pond Style Aquarium Since I took up the aquarium hobby, I have never backed away from trying new things. From difficult fish with strict requirements, to delicate plants in high-tech aquariums, I’m always looking to dive head first into new niches of this hobby. Pond-style aquariums have long piqued my interest because of their uniquely aesthetic appeal and variety of plant life.

A Complete Guide on Shrimp

taking care of shrimp

Why shrimp? Shrimp are fascinating little creatures that are now very common in the aquarium hobby. There are even many hobbyists that are exclusively shrimp keepers! When kept in a species-only aquarium, you can truly see their quirky personalities. They can be seen swimming and grazing throughout the tank day and night. They’re very curious creatures and if anything goes into the tank,…

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