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10 Gallon Planted Tank Setup

Get a Discount on this 10 Gallon Planted Tank Setup by Buying it as a Set!

What’s Included:

Tank: 10 Gallon Glass Tank. Open top for quick and easy maintenance. [$25.00]

Light: Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On with 60 blue/white LEDs for max photosynthesis and 3 different light modes (All On/Only Blue/ All Off). [$34.99]

Substrate Flourite Substrate provides necessary nutrients to plant roots. Will come in either the Standard, Black, Red or Dark color based on availability. [$34.19]

Heater: Aqueon 15W Flat Heater. Suctions to any wall and is extremely compact to maximize your space to aquascape. [$18.09]

Filter:  Aqueon Quiet Flow 10 – 20 Gallon Filter. Recommended for a plus size tank for improved water clarity and less frequent maintenance. [$19.99]*

BONUS: “Creating Beautiful Aquascapes from Start to Finish” eBook. 30 PAGES of Step by Step guidance so there’s no doubt this will be your best creation yet! [$19.99]Let’s Get it!

Aquascaping is an expensive hobby, but the only way to really get better, is to practice…

That is why we’ve created this 10 gallon planted tank setup!

By ordering everything as a set, we are able to get exclusive discount breaks from our suppliers and then pass the savings on to you! Thus making this a very quality yet affordable canvas to create your next aquatic work of art! Click ‘Buy Now’ to get this 10 Gallon Planted Tank Setup shipped to you in 7 – 14 days! USA shipping only

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