Aquascaping eBook

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PLUS! 5 Money Saving Hacks the Fish Stores don’t want you to Know About!

  • ​Design and Sketch a Beautiful Aquascape
  • ​Choosing your Aquascaping Style
  • ​Growing Full Color and Rapid Growing Plants
  • ​Hardscaping Techniques (wood, stone, and rocks)
  • What you Need and Don’t Need with Plant Fertilizers
  • ​Optimizing Lighting Schedule
  • ​Setting up a CO2 System for Under $150

It's 30 pages long! You can read it all or skip ahead! This book will teach you all about creating beautiful planted aquariums from start to finish no matter what level you're currently at!

Aquascapes are an incredible piece of nature that you can keep in your home to add to the peace and tranquility of the room. The beautiful neon green plants, the playful fish that swim to the glass to greet you, the bright LEDs shimmering down into the tank, and the peaceful sound of water flowing are just some of the joys a planted aquarium can bring to your home.

3 reviews for Aquascaping eBook

  1. Max

    GREAT BOOK, very helpful!

  2. Dylan DeHart

    It’s very informative and has helped me make my tanks so much better and I might even try some new stuff cuz of it

  3. Alexandra

    I just had to share the book with my hobbyist friends. Some info seems basic until you realize it’s the basics that get swept under the rug so easily. Such a great refresher, and I learned quite a bit too!

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